Signs It's Time to Bid Adieu to Your Old Mattress

Updated January 25, 2024

Woman sitting on a mattress holding her back - red glow indicates back pain

Looking for the perfect night's sleep? Your mattress choice could be the game-changer. Given that a significant chunk of our lives is spent in bed, it's only fair to demand optimal comfort and support from our mattress. But how do you know when it's really time for a new mattress?

Listen to Your Body

While the warranty may serve as a guideline, your body often holds the key to the mattress mystery. Waking up with aches, restlessly tossing and turning, or encountering body indentations? These are the signs your mattress might be falling short on the support and comfort scale. Remember, a third of your life deserves quality rest.

Clear Indicators It's Time for a Change

  1. Age Matters:

    If your mattress has been your sleep companion for over 7-10 years, it might be past its prime. Most warranties clock in around the 10-year mark, but if your mattress starts showing the following signs before that, it's time for an upgrade.

  2. Sagging Woes:

    Visible sags on your mattress translate to faded support. Say hello to backaches and bid farewell to spinal alignment. A sagging mattress is a one-way ticket to a painful day.

  3. Aches and Pains:

    Persistent soreness is a wake-up call. When your mattress loses its pushback, your body absorbs the pressure, leading to back, neck, or shoulder pain. A new mattress could be your remedy for painless mornings.

  4. Restless Nights:

    Tossing and turning like a ship in a storm? Lumps, sagging, or impressions can seriously impact your comfort. A new mattress promises a restful deep sleep, free from midnight fights with your sheets.

  5. Visual Breakdown:

    Springs poking through or tears in the cover? Your mattress is showcasing its battle scars. Invest in your sleep by upgrading to a mattress that's up for the challenge.

  6. Body Impressions:

    A visible dip in your mattress is a sign that comfort materials are calling it quits. Bid farewell to pressure relief and support issues with a new mattress for improved sleep quality.

  7. Allergy Alarm:

    If your allergies are on the rise, it might be time to blame the mattress. Dust, bugs, and mold could be unwelcome guests. Consider a hypoallergenic mattress for a sneeze-free slumber.

  8. Life Changes:

    Pregnancy, surgery, or a new partner – life events can reshape your mattress needs. Your comfort is paramount, so if your bed isn't aligning with your current circumstances, it's time for a mattress upgrade.

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Still Unsure? We're Here to Help!

If you find yourself on the fence about bidding adieu to your old mattress, reach out to our friendly team of experts. Whether through live chat or a phone call at 1-800-455-1052, we're here to guide you through the signs and help you make the right decision for a sleep upgrade. Your well-deserved quality sleep awaits!

About the Author, Juliana Huhta, Mattress Expert

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Juliana has spent several years in the mattress industry, writing about and reviewing mattresses. She has a deep understanding of how mattresses work for different people and affect sleep.