1 Sided vs. 2 Sided Mattress

Updated November 22, 2021

One-sided mattresses are built from the ground up to provide ideal comfort at the surface. Two-sided mattresses are built from the core out, usually, an innerspring system surrounded by padding. So, both sides of the mattress are the same.

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In 2007, most manufacturers shifted their production to one-sided mattresses. While some manufacturers still produce double-sided mattresses, they're often sold at higher prices. They usually have to charge more due to lower demand.

There's no significant difference in durability between the two types. One-sided mattresses allow manufacturers to build the mattress from the ground up to maximize its potential comfort.

Two Isn't Always Better Than One

Today, one-sided mattresses dominate the industry and are most common in mattress stores. Most consumers appreciate not having to worry about flipping when they purchase their new mattresses. But some consumers miss the two-sided mattresses. They feel like they're not getting as much bang for their buck when they buy a one-sided mattress.

In reality, one-sided mattresses are the highest quality mattresses. They allow manufacturers to start with a core and add several comfort layers from the bottom up. With double-sided mattresses, each side only has padding from the center to the surface.

One-sided mattresses of the same thickness have twice the amount of comfort materials on the sleeping surface. Due to this, the lifespan or life of the mattress will be just as long with one side. It should wear out at a similar rate as a mattress with comfort materials split between two surfaces, as seen in flippable mattresses where sleepers can choose a side based on their comfort preferences.

Being able to experience the benefits of sleeping on twice the amount of comfort materials with a one-sided bed is what makes it the best mattress and breaks the tie. It’s also more convenient, not to have to flip your mattress regularly. For these reasons, one-sided mattresses are now the industry standard.

In fact, since the mattress industry moved to a one-sided design, warranty claims have become less prevalent. One-sided mattresses generally need little maintenance. But the industry does recommend rotating them from head to foot about once every four months. This ensures even wear across the surface of the mattress for an extended comfort life.

What's Inside?

One-sided mattresses feature a base layer with comfort materials stacked on top. These can be foam, more coils, latex, or natural materials such as cotton and wool. In double-sided mattresses, a supportive coil system is in the center, with comfort layers on either side. There are memory foam, natural latex, and hybrid mattresses as well as innerspring mattress available as both one and two-sided mattresses. 

Where Can I Buy a Two-Sided Mattress?

It can be a bit difficult to find a one-sided mattress these days, as many companies switched over to one-sided completely. However, there are a few brands that still make flippable mattresses of high quality. US-Mattress sells a range of double-sided mattresses from Serta, Restonic, and Spring Air - shop now.

Read more about a popular two-sided mattress in our Layla mattress review.

The ZenHaven and the Nolah Signature are also highly regarded flippable mattresses. Saatva makes a flippable mattress that's particularly great for kids, called the Saatva Youth.

Need More Help?

The vast majority of mattresses you'll find on US-Mattress are one-sided. We do, however, have some high-quality two-sided mattresses available. If you're uncertain which type of mattress is best for you, you can call 1-800-455-1052 to speak with a friendly mattress expert. They'll answer any of your questions and can help you make an informed and confident mattress purchase.

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