What's the Difference Between a Standard King and a California King?

March 11, 2021

California King vs King Mattresses

The main difference between these two sizes is the length and width. A standard king (also sometimes known as an Eastern King) is shorter and wider, measuring 76 inches across and 80 inches long. So, what is a California King? Well, the Cal King is narrower and longer than a standard King, measuring 72 inches wide by 84 inches long.

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While every mattress is made in a king-size, not every mattress is available in a California king size. Additionally, the standard king has more options for bedding accessories. Things like box springs, sheets, adjustable bases, and comforters.

Which size is best for you?

Height and Body Type

The California king bed is the longest of the standard mattress sizes. It's intended for tall people who want to ensure their feet don't hang off the bed. If you're over 6' 2", then you'll probably want the California king size for the extra length. With the California King dimensions being 6 feet (72 inches) by 7 feet (84 inches), they're really ideal for taller people. The California King bed size mattresses work well for taller people who like to sprawl out as well.

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Your Lifestyle

The regular King bed size is the widest of the standard mattress sizes. It gives you more shoulder room to sleep comfortably with your partner. The extra width of a king mattress would give you all the space you need. People who have kids or pets joining them in bed may also find the wider size preferable.

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Room Size

It's important to choose a bed that fits your space. It's a good idea to get a measuring tape out and check how much space the mattress would take up in your bedroom. Don't forget to check the route into your bedroom to make sure you'll be able to fit the bed through!

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